Workout anywhere with the MyHabit app

myhabit app

Work out anytime, anywhere with the myhabit app

Bringing the Habit gym experience to you with the MyHabit App. Train anytime, anywhere with MyHabit. Plus, access over 100 on-demand workouts and new releases every week.

MyHabit app features

  • Workouts designed exclusively for you
  • Workouts On Demand
  • Track your workouts with a smart watch or wearable fitness tracker
  • Habit Facebook Community – Connect with trainers, instructors and other members in our closed group for daily tips, motivation, workouts, meditation and more.
  • Access to book a Personal Trainer

Get Started with MyHabit App

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Simply download the app and use the same email address from your Habit membership. 
Not a Habit gym member? Sign-up here.

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Workouts ON DEMAND

Get Workouts On Demand that you can do anytime, anywhere. With a multitude of high-quality workouts to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

News & Updates

Get our monthly newsletter plus additional news and articles written by Habit personal trainers, dietitians, psychologists, and physiotherapists.


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Habit Online Community

Stay connected with the Habit community. Join the Habit online community on Facebook. Join and get personal trainer tips, share your progress and more. Exclusive to Habit members.  

Plus Much More

As a Habit member, you also have access to many other fantastic Habit Health services for your best life.