Habit Evans Bay Timetables


13-19 July 2020

Habit Evans Bay STUDIO

Monday 13th July
17:15 With Sherry 60min
18:15   45min
19:00   45min
Tuesday 14th July
06:15 With Meredith 45min
09:30 With TracyEve 45min
12:15 With Poppy 45min
13:15 With Poppy 45min
18:15 With Jules 45min
19:15 With Holly 45min
Wednesday 15th July
09:30 With Clair 45min
13:15 With TracyEve 45min
18:00 With TracyEve 45min
Thursday 16th July
06:15 With Kathy 45min
11:15 With Holly 45min
17:15 With Sherry 45min
18:15 With Dean 45min
Friday 17th July
09:30 With TracyEve 45min
12:15 With Clair 45min
13:15   45min
Saturday 18th July
08:15   45min
Sunday 19th July
09:15 With Jules 45min
10:30 With Faye 60min
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