Olaf Stenzel - Personal Trainer

Olaf Stenzel

Senior Personal Trainer



  • Bachelor of Health Science, Major in Exercise Science, Massey University Wellington

  • Diploma in Exercise Science, WelTec

  • Certificate in Exercise Science, WelTec


Olaf is passionate about making a real difference in people’s lives through effective health and fitness management. With over 15 years accumulated industry experience, he knows how rewarding it is to see the transformation in clients not only on the physical level, but also in self-esteem and confidence.

In addition to effectively training clients to achieve their general health and fitness goals, Olaf is also experienced in injury prevention and rehabilitation, exercise for health conditions including Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, and training performance athletes. Olaf’s one-on-one training sessions as well as small group clinics offer tailor made, individual solutions based on full movement pattern assessment. His experience covers all ages and abilities.



  • Strength and conditioning for sports and general fitness

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Exercise specific to health-related conditions

  • Core strength and postural corrective exercise

  • Weight loss management

  • Athletic performance

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