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Personal Training

Train smarter to maximise results

Habit’s highly qualified personal trainers want you to get results. First we look at the time you have available then we guide, coach and support you to reach realistic targets. Need help with weight loss, toning, cardiovascular fitness or training for a sports event? How about more specialist needs, like rehabilitation and convalescence? Regular workshops with Habit physiotherapists will ensure your training sessions remain at the cutting edge of health and wellness.

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Filling the gap between Group Fitness Classes and One to One Personal Training are the new Small Group Personal Training sessions. SGPT provides a range of sessions offering the intensity of personal training within a group dynamic – meaning you not only have your trainer to answer to, you will also have a group of like-minded individuals expecting you to show up! Whether you are on a budget or just prefer the support of others, SGPT offers a number of specialised training sessions that maximise results.
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