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Swim Technique (SGPT$)

Intermediate, skills and drills!
Habit Swim Technique offers a coached environment for developing solid swimming skills and technique. You will learn a variety of different strokes and training drills while having fun within a group dynamic. These sessions target intermediate swimmers and you will receive a monthly swim test to monitor your progression. Not suitable for beginners.

Swim Technique is a paid Small Group Personal Training Session. Please see reception for session payment options.

How fit do I need to be?

All fitness levels are welcome - take the sessions at your own pace while working closely with your coach.

How often should I participate?

At least one session a week will see an improvement in your swimming technique and benefit any other swims you undertake.

Duration: 45 minutes
Type: Low impact / skill based
Calories: 400 - 740
Results: Improved range of movement and all over toning

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Swim Technique (SGPT$)