You are what you eat

Food plays an important part in all areas of our lives - physically, socially and mentally. See our qualified Dietitian for expert advice on ways to adapt your diet so that you can feel confident about your nutritional wellbeing.

  • Weight management

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Digestion/bowel health

  • Mental health (depression, anxiety, mood, energy levels, stress)

  • Children's nutrition 


Initial 60-minute consult $160.00

Initial 60-minute follow-up $160.00

Follow-up 30 minute consult $85.00



We understand you have a demanding lifestyle. So we look to make nutrition easy, making subtle changes to your diet and incorporating supportive nutrition to achieve your goals.

We can work together on your nutrition needs including weight loss, gut health, focusing on mindful eating and family-based meal structures. The emphasis is on overall health and wellbeing, using strategies that fit within your lifestyle.

The first appointment is an hour assessment. This time is all about you. We discuss what you want to achieve, current meals, diet history, medical history, family support and how we can achieve this together.

Progress appointments are recommended, starting at fortnightly intervals for 30 minutes. Frequency and number of appointments vary based on individual needs.


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Appointments are provided via teleconference. To make a booking, contact:

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